The World's Quickest Time Attack Car. In The World!
POSTED 08 April 2010 Last Updated 30 July 2010 

Any time attack fanboi worth his salt can tell you that the car to beat, the mack daddy, who's your daddy, big daddy is the HKS CT230R JDM Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. The car, driven by Nobuteru "No One Better" Taniguchi, has been wrecking clocks all over Japan owning tuning car records at all of the top tracks, most notably the Tsukuba circuit. At this, the World's most legendary time attack circuit NOB put up a record-setting 53.589-second lap a few years back that still stands to this day.

In 2007 HKS took its show on the road and tripped on over to the USDM side of the Pac rim; more specifically, Buttonwillow Raceway Park's Race #13 configuration in a clockwise fashion. Think of Buttonwillow as Tsukuba's much less attractive soul sister, only with better BBQ. Once again, HKS plus NOB equaled time attack dominance and their 1:43.523 put the North American tuner record well out of reach. Or we should say well out of reach for anyone whose name is not Dennis Kottke. Who is Dennis Kottke? Today he is the owner of the world's quickest time attack machine, oddly enough this title is nowhere near good enough for him. Hit the jump to find out why.

By John Naderi | Excerpted from CarDomain |

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