MotoIQ Posts 10 Top Fastest Time Attack Cars
POSTED 20 July 2010 Last Updated on 3 August 2010 

For my first-ever MotoIQ article, I'm going to delve deep Down Under and take you to the World Time Attack Challenge. The World Time Attack Challenge? You mean the time-attack event that popped off in Sydney, Australia? Didn't that happen, like, in May? That would be a yes, yes, and another yes. Alright look, I'm used to the print cycle where two months is the standard operating procedure. Besides, you cheap Internet bastards don't even pay for content, so go ahead, try and get a refund.

Anyway Mike told me he wanted me to do something that showed how the cars looked because Eric by his own admission is not a photographer and I am so here is something that Mike thought would be interesting, Eric already handled the blow by blow tech side of things. I am handling the pictures!

That being said, since Eric Hsu—Cosworth Product Development Engineer/Sierra-Sierra engine guru/MotoIQ contributor/roomie during my stay in the Southern Hemisphere—already provided an excellent textual presentation of the materials; I'll keep my words short and sweet, and jump to pics of the fastest cars from the event. Actually, I wish I knew he had posted all the stuff he did on this site. It would've saved me from calling him 23 times, asking a myriad of questions for my article that will soon appear on newsstands everywhere in the October 2010 issue of Import Tuner, where I go in semi-great length into the trials and tribulations the Sierra-Sierra crew and their EVO 8 endured at Eastern Creek International Raceway.

By Carter Jung. Excerpted from MotoIQ :

  • Hankook
  • Cosworth Engineering
  • Mitsubishi
  • Royal Purple
  • Advan
  • Alfa Livery Design
  • APR Performance
  • BorgWarner
  • Bosch
  • Brembo
  • C&R Racing
  • Cobalt Friction
  • Dynamics Multimatic
  • Eibach
  • Kaminari
  • Norris Autobody
  • Quaife
  • Recaro
  • Tilton
  • Turbosmart
  • Volk Racing
  • Willans
  • Zentec
  • Full-Race

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