2010 Source Interlink Superlap Battle + Sierra Sierra = Domination
POSTED 11 November 2010 Last Updated on 21 October 2012 

Earlier today at the Source Interlink 2010 Superlap Battle, we (team Sierra Sierra) smashed the previous Buttonwillow CW13 time attack lap record with a 1:41.046 lap time. Emp cranked out this damn near perfect lap in the Sierra Sierra EVO 8 (Christine) during his very first hot lap in the first time attack session today.

The previous Buttonwillow time attack record in the 13CW configuration was a 1:43.34 that we (team Sierra Sierra again) ran in practice at Redline Time Attack's 2010 season opener back on March 28. We tried a larger turbo that we've never run on track before in the 2nd time attack session so I had to freestyle the ECU tuning. Luckily the Cosworth Pectel SQ6 ECU has an excellent data logging platform that makes freestyle tuning really quick and accurate for me. Then we backed up our quick lap in the third and last time attack session with a 1:41.185 (we need a bit more track time with the larger turbo for evaluation). That once, seemingly unattainable old Taniguchi/HKS CT230R EVO record of 1:43.527 is easy for us now. I remember watching how smooth and effortless Taniguchi executed the 1:43.527 back in 2007. That's how it looked when Emp dished out the 1:41.046 in Christine this morning. In fact, Emp cranked out a 1:47.xx during a WARM UP lap on only half warm tires and brakes with less than 2 seconds of accumulated full throttle.

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